I want to live at the library


I want to live at the library. I have decided this fact. Probably not for forever – well, maybe just a week. I think the food options might get a little undesirable after that. Oh, and not just any library. There are a few specific ones in the world that might be desirable. This week it is none other than the New York Public Library. Only the location near Bryant Park, because it’s really beautiful… and historical… and magical and lots of other words ending in ‘l’.


It is of course filled with books, which add a lot to the desirability for someone like me. But there are also lots of secret spots that you imagine really wonderful, weird Murakami-esque things happen. Being a little deviant, I also really don’t like the reading rooms where you have to reserve time to go in and research. Imagine – if I was here at night, no one could tell me where to go, what to do. I could roam around like a little mouse burglar and go into any room I want, look at anything I want, read anything I want. Possibly find some strange mystical beings hiding in the corner. People are so mysterious when they come into libraries. All serious and work oriented. Researching, learning, working, just finding a quiet space to escape the world for a while. I would study them during the day, try to establish the curiosities of each one, while anticipating the coming night when I could satisfy mine. Knowledge and possibility. Discovery. I think that’s what most people who go to libraries are looking for. That’s what I’m here for.

Yes, I think I’d like to live in the New York Public Library for a week. A certain someone might just try to hide in the bathroom until closing time. Just imagine the possibilities…

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