Be an 'ArtPerson'!

Segmented Glass Sculpture by Jiyong Lee

A handsome man recently contacted me, referring me to a “world of special artists” to explore. ArtPeople. This person has no special reason to promote this site, other than a love of discovery and art himself, and I found myself jumping onto the website many times over the past couple of weeks to just sniff around. Hey, I’m an ‘ArtPerson'! And I own very little art. He’s an ‘ArtPerson'! And he has everything from Salvador Dali works, to a couple of drool worthy Olivier Strebelle bronze sculptures (that Strebelle gave to him personally). Anyone can be or become an ‘ArtPerson’! Even the person who is drawn to street graffiti. Even the person who doesn’t know or think they care about art. It’s a part of our expression of today’s world, and the future.

Photograph by Martin Marcisovsky

Lost in a world of modern art, a wide variety of tastes and mediums, artists I’ve never heard of, and probably never would other than this site, I felt that little thrill. Art is so subjective, and the wide variety means there is something for every taste, every persuasion. Some of it is really, really good. The kick is the gallery and a lot of the promotion is done online…seemingly a necessity these days. Thousand of artists are registered for the “network for artists, designers and clients to meet.” They seem to share our vision of creating and exploring in this big, wide world.

Painting by David Martin Cereza

There were a few bumps on this ArtPeople journey. Despite the links for me to share about them on social media, I still didn’t find out how to contact the artists personally or buy or see the prices of pieces, despite the shopping cart icon. It seems more an art display, and a blog, which although glorious in content, is more for the artists than the consumer. However, it may well be that I have missed something! If you are an ‘ArtPerson’ or not, it is still wonderful to see the work being done, get inspired, and hunt through a new realm of creation.

Mixed Media Collage by Patrizia Biondi

It’s funny that I write that, as SK Clarke, an incredible writer and theatre professional, promptly reminded me of purpose this morning as I was moaning of the difficulty to make money creating things. She said, “The arts have no money in this country (the U.S.). Not unless you are the one out of the millions who gets fame. Art is, for all intents and purposes, frivolous. No one is going to die if we don’t create art. But we make everything beautiful. We give people escape or hope or respite or beauty in their world. Art is [usually] not life or death. But it’s absolute love and joy and heartache and all of those things – which is exactly why it is so special. We might not make money, but we make beauty. And that will live on after we are gone.”

Touché, mademoiselle!

The businesswoman in me silently always whispers, “But money is always nice too…!”

Liquidazione Photograph by Marco Rizzo

Whether a consumer or a creator, I think the important thing is to always keep learning and pushing to see the new, and appreciate what people are making and creating, no matter what the profession. We are in a very special era of development for humanity. Art is flourishing, despite all odds, science is helping us dream, we are again focused on traveling the stars, and our global movement adds to the cultural diversity, the enlightenment. We might just be headed towards our next Renaissance. I, for one, will be going around with my eyes open.

3D Illustrations by Victor Nunes
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