TidTipple: The Piers


It is a wonderful thing to be close to water of any sort. Where there is water, there are usually piers and waterside places to enjoy one’s self. Pier A Harbor House is one of such places. Parked in Lower Manhattan, you are treated to a sweeping view of many sites, including our lovely Lady Liberty. You know, that little mystery where you are always wondering what’s under that tunic. If you want to mingle with the after-workers, flirting, laughing and flitting, stay downstairs. Head upstairs to the whiskey bar and balcony for more quiet – and one of the best martini and old fashioned makers in the city. You’ll know him when you see him. He has a two-letter name, as most bartenders should. Go around sunset and enjoy the glow.

For something a bit more chilled out, head Uptown to Pier i Café. It can be a bit tricky to get to, but it’s so worth the effort. A cute place to lounge with nosh and have inexpensive drinkies with a view, it is perfect for a friendly meet-up, or to cap off a wander in the nearby Riverside Park. This is a perfect place to go to for artists, leave the city behind, or get inspired.

TidBite: The NoMad Bar


Now, everyone’s been making a bit of a fuss about The NoMad Hotel. This is entirely justified. I think the Nomad bar is one of my fav places in NYC to go for drinks and food. Their restaurant is fairly divine, but if you want something cheaper, and a bit less of a commitment, try the bar. This is a great general rule for restaurants you want to try - go to lunch or the bar for a less expensive experience. The food here is fantabulous, the cocktails swoon worthy, and they have a hotdog to rival the Crif-masters. I would live on those and the scallop ceviche dish if I could. Plus, the hostesses are sweethearts and always try to find you a table – a rare thing in this city.