Grassroots Art Festivals: 24 Hours of Art


I must admit, I might be a little bit biased. I grew up in
New Mexico – where the land actually bleeds art. Seriously, if you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about. Blood flows from the sand and mountains, from our Navajos and other tribes, from our Mexican heritage and influence, from our crazy hippies. Literally, you walk down the road, and it’s like Giorgia O’Keefe just coughed up a painting.

So, as once the destination of errant geniuses like
Ansel Adams and D.H. Lawrence, modern vivants like Tom Ford, and still birthing art on the streets, it seems no surprise that the film industry is booming, Canyon Road in Santa Fe is humming and Vince Gilligan strode through with his television wonders. Despite all this, local art and artists need to be supported. It is only through the dedication of people like those of the Humbird NM team, Immastar Productions and the delicious brews of ‘Burque local, Tractor Brewery that things like the 24 HOURS OF ART festival on (Sept 18th – 20th) can happen.
They are creating an event involving an art extravaganza of live theatre performances, film screenings, a massive art gallery warehouse, live music and even a colloquium, whatever that means. Pretty much art AMAZINGESS – like the Grand Canyon, the outer reaches of space, the best ice cream sundae imaginable – will ensue. All those in NM, go!!!!

All those not in NM, create something similar wherever you are. Today, this is the kind of spectacle that breeds the next great artist, or at least gives the public a chance to see what is happening all around them. There are lots of “grassroot” festivals all over the place. . .but one to combine all types of creativity = a whirlpool for wonder.

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