Be an 'ArtPerson'!

Segmented Glass Sculpture by Jiyong Lee

A handsome man recently contacted me, referring me to a “world of special artists” to explore. ArtPeople. This person has no special reason to promote this site, other than a love of discovery and art himself, and I found myself jumping onto the website many times over the past couple of weeks to just sniff around. Hey, I’m an ‘ArtPerson'! And I own very little art. He’s an ‘ArtPerson'! And he has everything from Salvador Dali works, to a couple of drool worthy Olivier Strebelle bronze sculptures (that Strebelle gave to him personally). Anyone can be or become an ‘ArtPerson’! Even the person who is drawn to street graffiti. Even the person who doesn’t know or think they care about art. It’s a part of our expression of today’s world, and the future.